"My Heart" by Dale Hoskins - First Place

Dale was asked what he wanted us to buy him with his prize money. His first selection, without hesitation, was to buy food for his dog, Lexi. His second choice was an air mattress for a friend. And, finally, he admitted that he really wanted a battery-operated boom box to play music. Dale was asked to leave this place that he called home, but he has a new home on someone's land...and permission to be there.

"Home Sweet Home" by Randall Cline - Second Place

With Randall's humorous and honest photo, the community gave him enough support for second place. With his prizes, Randall wanted items that would help him earn money by detailing cars.

"Unforgiving Fall" by Crystal Williams - Third Place

Crystal took one of the most beautiful photos of the project as she captured this alley on a perfect Fall day. Voters loved that she found appreciation in the scene despite having slept there previously.