The purpose of the Through Our Eyes Project is three-fold:



Provide hope for those who are hurting.

Everyone deserves to be loved including the photographers who volunteer to participate with the project.


Provide joy in creating art.

We want the photographers to feel the gratification that comes with being part of something bigger than they are.


Provide awareness & support.

We want communities to engage with different groups of people, learn how to love them and support organizations who serve them.

Equip. Encourage. Engage.


In the summer of 2016, 100 Fujifilm QuickSnap cameras were be given out to people who are living on the street, in a local shelter or are otherwise affected by homelessness in Spartanburg, SC.

Since then, the project has expanded to other cities in the US. Many other photographers were inspired by the Through Our Eyes Project and have lead their own projects in other states & countries. The project has also expanded to reach outside the homeless population to other groups of people with unique stories to share who also need encouragement and hope.


Distribution & Collection

After grassroots marketing at local gathering places and homeless shelters, disposable cameras will be distributed to the first 100 participants. 

Marching orders

  • Photographers will receive instruction on using the cameras.
  • Basic photography tips will be shared.
  • Creativity will be unleashed over five days.

Photographers will return the cameras, register for the photography contest, enjoy a meal and receive a gift from our volunteers.

The Contest

A team of judges will review each photograph based on image quality, composition, subject matter, and storytelling. Those top entries will be displayed at a month-long art show in a gallery for the community to interact with.


  • Top 20 entries will be displayed.
  • The community will be invited to vote on the images by dropping money in the lockbox of their favorite photos.
  • Top 3 entries will win beneficial prizes specific to the needs of the individual.


  The Fundraising

We care deeply about the organizations that serve the homeless in our community. To show our gratitude and to provide for their financial needs, we will be auctioning off each of the top 20 photographs.


  • Images will be listed in an online auction for people to take home a piece of the project.
  • Guests will have the opportunity to bid on their favorite works of art.
  • 100% of the proceeds will be distributed to local organizations to help them better serve the homeless in their community.